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Itaú Cultural

Inspire and be inspired by the sensitivity and creativity of people to generate transformative experiences in the world of Brazilian art and culture.

The mission of Itaú Cultural described above, recognizes the culture as a fundamental element in the people's critical thought formation it values manifestations which strengthen Brazilian identity by means of art.

In 2014, the institute completed 27 years of acting and close commitment to Brazilian culture. Itaú Cultural promoted more than 5000 events, including international coverage, and received over 6 million visitors.

In the virtual field, the highlight is the Encyclopedia of Brazilian Art and Culture, with about 8000 entries in Spanish, French and English, and about more than 1 million access monthly.

In the mapping and promotion fields, Itaú Cultural maintains the Program called Rumos, which completed 16 years of existence in 2013, and already reached an audience of over 5.1 million people.



Since 2011, Itaú Cultural is the manager of Ibirapuera Auditorium - by a partnership with Cultural Department of the local City Hall - , where performances are promoted weekly, free of charge or popular tickets and it is kept a school of music for youngsters.

Built with white concrete, the building is characterized by the voluminous simplicity of its single block, based on a trapezoidal plan cut by a triangle. Red highlights mark the building: the entrance sculpture, the one at the teat foyer and the retractable door on the back, that opens the stage to an external audience, expanding the capacity of the place (800 seats) to a greater area of the park, where the public can be more than 15 thousand people.

The Auditorium, opened in 2005, is the latest work of the building’s set designed in 1950 by Oscar Niemeyer to Ibirapuera Park, the main urban green area in São Paulo. The set consists of the main references of Niemeyer’s architecture.

Welcome drink / Registration

Terraço Itália

This restaurant and bar, located at the top of Edifício Itália is the second tallest building in town. It has on all sides enormous windows that offer a delightful view of São Paulo.

Special Project Exhibition

Museu da Língua Portuguesa

An important part of the congress meeting will take place at a very special venue, the Museu da Língua Portuguesa (Museum of the Portuguese Language). It will be a great opportunity for the international design community to communicate with the Brazilian audience.

The Museu da Língua Portuguesa is the world’s only one dedicated to preserving, studying, and disseminating the Portuguese language. Set inside Luz Station, the entire structure and all of its contruction materials came from England and it is a symbol of the wealth of the coffee industry for many decades. 

In the permanent exibition hall, it is possible to see the history and the development of the Portuguese language, especially on the changes it underwent in Brazil. The museum has a series of dynamic and interactive spaces.

Dinner Party / Samba Night

Pérola Negra

Located at the bohemian quarter of Vila Madalena, a place known for a busy nightlife, this traditional samba school came from the union of two small nightborhood carnival groups and made its debut in the 1974 carnival. Be prepared for an incredible night of music, dance and brazilian food at the rehearsal square of Pérola Negra.

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