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Lance Wyman

Lance Wyman Ltd.


Lance Wyman specializes in branding/wayfinding systems for public environments and is credited with helping to define the field of environmental graphics. His Mexico ‘68 Olympic Games graphics are cited as some of the most successful in the evolution of visual identification (in A History of Graphic Design, by Philip B. Meggs). Further landmarks include branding/wayfinding systems for the Mexico City Metro, the Washington Mall, the National Zoo, and the Minnesota Zoo, which was selected by TIME Magazine as one of the ten best designs of 1981. Lance has been teaching spacial branding at Parsons School of Design for the past 40 years. He has lectured extensively around the world, and has been judging design competitions for most of his life. In July 2013, he finished the re-design of the Washington, D.C. Metro Map, and is currently designing the wayfinding map for the National Gallery in Washington, D.C.

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