AGI Congress São Paulo


Guilherme Wisnik


Professor at the Faculdade de Arquitetura e Urbanismo [College of Architecture and City Planning] at the University of São Paulo (FAU/USP), Guilherme Wisnik is the author of Lucio Costa (Cosac Naify, 2001), Caetano Veloso (Publifolha, 2005) and Estado Crítico: à Deriva nas Cidades (Publifolha, 2009). He is a member of the Associação Paulista de Críticos de Arte [São Paulo Association of Art Critics] (APCA) and the Latin American Studies Association. An architecture and art critic, he curated the Margem public art project (Itaú Cultural, 2008-2010), the Cildo Meireles – Rio Oir (Itaú Cultural, 2011) and Paulo Mendes da Rocha – a Natureza como Projeto (Museu Vale, 2012) exhibitions and the 10th São Paulo Architecture Biennial (2013).

Talk: Brasília

Built in only three years and inaugurated in 1960, Brasília, the capital of Brazil, is to this date the great national symbol of modernization and progress. The city planning was in the hands of Lucio Costa, winner of the national competition of projects for the city pilot plan and the monumental buildings were designed by Oscar Niemeyer. Guilherme Wisnik will deliver an illustrated talk about this city, which is one of the greatest icons of the world's modern architecture.

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