Our favorite goals
Eight unforgettable scores

The group stages in the FIFA World Cup in Brazil are over. And since Brazil’s last match against Chile, is more and more clear that matters the most is the moment the ball slams into the net. We have selected some classical goals Braziliam soccer team scored over the last 84 years:

1958, Sweden
Pelé demonstrates in a few seconds why he is considered until now the king of soccer: he dribbles two swedish players – the ball passes over the head of one of them: 


1970, Mexico
This is, according do Pelé himself, one of the most beautiful goals of his life:


Against Czechoslovakia, Jairzinho does a sombrero flick, traps the ball with the chest and scores a goal:


Brazil vs Italy, this beautiful goal by Carlos Alberto:


1982, Spain
There are eight players from the opponent team, the former Soviet Union, and four of them are at the exact angle between Socrates and the goal. Plus: the Brazilian players is outside the great area.


1994, United States
Branco scores this great strike against Holland. A bomb!


2002, South Korea & Japan
The bicycle goal kick by Edmilson against Costa Rica in 2002. In slow motion it is possible to notice the ball passing between the Costa Rica goalkeeper.


2006, South Africa
Ronaldo scores against Gana after dribbling the goalkeeper